We offer a range of services from supply chain analysis to talent development.

What We Do

Supply Chain Consulting

End-to-end supply chain analysis and insights

Technology Adaption

Advice on technology optimisations

Risk Assessment

Established Risk Assessment Framework

Waste Stream Mitigations

Analysis, identification and mitigation

Talent Development

Development of your greatest resource

Supply Chain Consulting

We can deliver end-to-end supply chain analysis, or focus on the individual parts. These include:

  • Sales process - market analysis and customer focus
  • Supply chain – distribution, order completion and customer service
  • Service delivery (including manufacturing)
  • Integrated business planning processes (including commercial business review)
  • Strategic source and supply security

Technology Adaption

What do you do now that can be replaced by technology? Where are you on the technology bell curve?

Through experience in technology implementations in the food industry, we'll develop a practical implementation plan providing you with an optimal return on investment.

Waste Stream Mitigations

We're skilled in identifying the waste stream (what goes out the back door).

Have you identified it yet? What can be done better? Can waste be mitigated all together? Could the waste actually provide value?

These are the kinds of questions we're skilled in asking and which we'll help devise solutions for.

Risk Assessment

Using an established Risk Assessment Framework, we can conduct a robust risk assessment of a defined part, or the whole of your business.

Talent Development

People are our greatest resource.

How do we find, retain and build this talent? How do we ensure knowledge and talent within the business is managed and protected?

Let us help you develop your greatest resource.

Our Process

1. Engagement

Development of an engagement brief to define the scope and outcomes.

2. Data Collection / Analysis

A collaborative data collection process.

3. Learning and Consultation

An experienced learning and consulation process.

4. Workshops

A series of workshops to refine the options and prioritise.

5. Delivery

Delivery of an action plan and implementation strategy based on the outcomes definition.